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Minecraft pe 0.9.0 build 11 apk

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Minecraft pe 0.9.0 build 11 apk

Mensaje por ShadowKiller el Vie Jun 27, 2014 7:58 pm

Descarga Download:

Changelog for MCPE 0.9.0 RC3 (build 11)

Bug Fixes:
- Added baked potato's name
- Fixed black artifacts on Villagers
- Fixed young mobs having the same hitbox as adults
- Creepers can now be ignited again
- Fixed black artifacts on particles from doors, torches, etc
- Fixed bed particles
- Fixed explosions in multiplayer
- Doors are now synchronized correctly in multiplayer
- Fixed a pretty bad memory leak in multiplayer, on clients

- Blocks destroyed as a result of other blocks being destroyed (topsnow, grass, etc) emit destruction particles too
- Added jungle wood slab recipe
- Sand does not fall anymore through wall signs
- Added Hardened Clay recipe for furnaces
- Added Stained Clay recipe to the workbench

Known bugs
- Sometimes chunks only containing transparent blocks don't render until interacted with
- Sometimes entities degenerate into strange bunches of triangles
- Several issues with multiplayer

It would help us a lot if you reported your game crashes and issues.
Please include the information mentioned below, so we can find a reason and fix the issue.

Please include:
Build number: Please report only build 5 crashes!!!
Device: Your phone/tablet model
Android OS version:
Game mode:
Short description: Please include a short description of the crash.

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